The Start of Centennial Park's Flora

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At window cleaning Randwick, visiting Centennial Park is a real treat! The tropical growth, shady road, and lush surroundings make it somewhere to savour on a hot summers' day.

Despite being officially opened, Centennial Park was far from complete. Over the next few years, more than 450 men worked on fencing, soil preparation, footpaths, asphalting roads, and rock blasting to complete the Park. 

Following Charles Moore's retirement in 1896, Joseph Maiden (image below) took over administration of Centennial Park and enhanced the Park's original character. He had his own aesthetic ideas and left his mark on the Park. 

Maiden was inspired by Berlin's Tiergarten (designed by LennĂ© in the 1830s) and was particularly influenced by facilities such as pavillions, kiosks, and the provision of children's playgrounds. 

Maiden pioneered the use and experimentation with Australian native plants, as well as introducing a more "tropical" flavour to the Park's design.

To benefit from the efforts of Moor and Maiden, follow the lead of window cleaning Randwick and visit Centennial Park today!