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Labor Dominated Suburb of Coogee...For A While

  The purpose of this post is not to discuss politics, I couldn't care less about it. However, as owner of window cleaning Coogee , I noticed a strange connection today when I was cleaning windows in beachside suburb, Coogee. The client I spoke to mentioned that Coogee USED to be quite a run down area when her family moved in around 30-40 years ago. Not that you would notice this now of course, the area commands not only steep property sale prices, but also steep rents too! So, the question that came to my mind is...How can an area that is now a typically conservative region have been so closely affiliated with the opposite end of the politcal sphere? The typically conservative style area, spent many years as a Labor stronghold, before switching 180 degrees to typical expectations. Coogee - Humble Roots, Rapid Growth It is hard to believe that this affluent area was not always the jewel in the crown of the unofficial capital of Australia, Sydney. But, as unlikely as it seems, Cooge

The Sydney Opera House

 After the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and possibly before! The Sydney Opera House is the most recognisable architectural landmark to visit in the city of Sydney, Australia. As owner of window cleaning Sydney , I have seen this amazing site so many times that it is easy to take it for granted. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, here are some background details to help you see why you MUST visit Sydney soon to see it! When Was The Opera House Built? Many modern architects would give their right arm to create something that is as beautiful as the Sydney Opera House, something that in itself guarantees thousands of visitors each year, bringing in literally millions of dollars to the local economy.  However, in today's world, construction is much more expensive than in times past. So, it would take a massive injection of capital, and commitment, from local authorities to fund such an impressive project..something that in this world scarred from Covid, is not readily availabl

Sydney Building Design

 When it comes to Sydney, there are no shortage of fine architectural buildings to write about. Think Opera House, Harbour Bridge etc. and you start to get the drift. This site is dedicated to the fine architecture and buildings, bridges, and residences that you'll find in Australia's unofficial capital Why Sydney? As you'll see in the photo above, Sydney has a rich, and lengthy history. Ever since the First Fleet established Sydney as part of the colonies, there has been a gradual improvement in both the number, and types of settlements that have sprung up on this Australian East Coast hub. As editor of UK business directory , I have seen many businesses, and the buildings that they are housed in. Now, Sydney is my hone, although I still spend considerable time int he UK when circumstances allow. The Sydney Harbour Bridge The most iconic of Sydney landmarks, is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now, you may think that you know all about this World famous bridge. However, what do