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Bondi Icebergs Club

  Why Include Icebergs in A Post About Architecture? When it comes to great buildings and constructions in Sydney Australia, Icebergs may not, at first, appear to be a natural fit for this category. However, I have been window cleaning Maroubra , which is only a mile or two away for many years, and over this time my appreciation for this iconic pool have grown. The important thing to remember about Bondi Icebergs is that it is not your traditional open air pool, and that is exactly how it was be naturally amazing! A Brief Guide To It's History The area had a natural rock pool at it's southern end that became popular with swimmers. Amazingly, this started to gain popularity in the early 1800's! However, in 1880 Waverley Council requested the building of public 'baths'. This idea, whilst not universally popular, became the forerunner for what we have today. In 1886, the NSW government gave permission to a certain Mr A Williams to begin construction of th

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

 Aside from the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge must rank as the most iconic Sydney landmark. However, it is more than just a beautiful facade, the Bridge is a vital link between the bustling metro regions of North and South Sydney. Humble Beginnings The earliest concept for construction of a bridge dated all the way back to 1815 with no more than an idea.  As a convict settlement, it was no surprise that the original idea would come from a convict...albeit also an  architect, that went by the name of Francis Greenway. Greenway initially made the proposal to the Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, however, it wasn't until a full 10 years later that Greenway, not to be deterred, wrote to "the Australian" newspaper proposing the bridge, and using emotive terms such as: strength, magnificence, credit, and glory, in order to stir the feelings of his audience, and rally them behind his enduring goal. Despite the best efforts of Greenway, nothing came of his efforts...except, p