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Labor Dominated Suburb of Coogee...For A While

  The purpose of this post is not to discuss politics, I couldn't care less about it. However, as owner of window cleaning Coogee , I noticed a strange connection today when I was cleaning windows in beachside suburb, Coogee. The client I spoke to mentioned that Coogee USED to be quite a run down area when her family moved in around 30-40 years ago. Not that you would notice this now of course, the area commands not only steep property sale prices, but also steep rents too! So, the question that came to my mind is...How can an area that is now a typically conservative region have been so closely affiliated with the opposite end of the politcal sphere? The typically conservative style area, spent many years as a Labor stronghold, before switching 180 degrees to typical expectations. Coogee - Humble Roots, Rapid Growth It is hard to believe that this affluent area was not always the jewel in the crown of the unofficial capital of Australia, Sydney. But, as unlikely as it seems, Cooge