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The Sydney Harbour Bridge

 Aside from the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge must rank as the most iconic Sydney landmark. However, it is more than just a beautiful facade, the Bridge is a vital link between the bustling metro regions of North and South Sydney. Humble Beginnings The earliest concept for construction of a bridge dated all the way back to 1815 with no more than an idea.  As a convict settlement, it was no surprise that the original idea would come from a convict...albeit also an  architect, that went by the name of Francis Greenway. Greenway initially made the proposal to the Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, however, it wasn't until a full 10 years later that Greenway, not to be deterred, wrote to "the Australian" newspaper proposing the bridge, and using emotive terms such as: strength, magnificence, credit, and glory, in order to stir the feelings of his audience, and rally them behind his enduring goal. Despite the best efforts of Greenway, nothing came of his efforts...except, p