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  Momo Fest came to town, and then... After trialling successful festivals in Melbourne, the Momo festival, celebration of exotic Asian cuisine had previously headed to Sydney for the first delicious time last April. Momos are the Nepalese/Tibetan version of dumplings, and they are delicious! So, you will be pleased to know that the festival will offer more than 30 varieties, from buffalo, goat, lamb, beef, chicken and pork to vegan and vegetarian options. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Momo Fest has not been held at this point, but hopes to return in the not too distant future. The event, on 18 April from noon to 10pm at Wyatt Park, Lidcombe, will also offer a full spectrum of entertainment, including international and local bands, DJs, multicultural performances, roving performers, kids entertainment, workshops and momo competitions. Because of the restrictions currently in place, you will need to check again next year to see if the festival will once again be held. As a Sydney lo

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

 Aside from the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge must rank as the most iconic Sydney landmark. However, it is more than just a beautiful facade, the Bridge is a vital link between the bustling metro regions of North and South Sydney. Humble Beginnings The earliest concept for construction of a bridge dated all the way back to 1815 with no more than an idea.  As a convict settlement, it was no surprise that the original idea would come from a convict...albeit also an  architect, that went by the name of Francis Greenway. Greenway initially made the proposal to the Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, however, it wasn't until a full 10 years later that Greenway, not to be deterred, wrote to "the Australian" newspaper proposing the bridge, and using emotive terms such as: strength, magnificence, credit, and glory, in order to stir the feelings of his audience, and rally them behind his enduring goal. Despite the best efforts of Greenway, nothing came of his efforts...except, p